WordPress: The Ideal Business Website Solution

WordPress forever changed the way websites were created. Remarkably, WordPress is an open source solution supported by millions of developers and users worldwide. What this means for you is that the WordPress program is free to use, and you will always be able to find somebody to help you design your site to fit your needs.

There are countless reasons why your business should use WordPress, either as a primary or secondary marketing website:

  • Search engines, like Google, love WordPress sites because their built-in linking structure automatically optimizes for their search engines. This means that WordPress sites have built in Search Engine Optimization that non-Wordpress sites have to pay extra to develop and incorporate.
  • WordPress is ideal solution for marketing and can easily tie into your existing site, or it can be used as the foundation for your entire web presence.
  • Themes and Plugins are readily available to change the look and functionality of your website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a programmer.
  • WordPress sites can be easily customized for use inside of Facebook and optimized for Mobile devices and browsers.
  • WordPress is a blog site, you can build your website and keep updating it with ease. Never again will your website be stagnant.

Because you can easily update your site with new pages and blog posts, WordPress will help with your search engine optimization. Google and other search engines often reward sites with fresh content by giving them better Search Engine Results (SER).

WordPress Follow Up

  • Install a WordPress site
  • Choose a Theme and Plugins
  • Keep customers engaged with frequent 300-500 word posts about your company and your expertise. Tie it in with current news when possible. Educating your customers is a great way to gain trust and maintain loyalty. Also use the blog to keep your customers up to date on news within your company.
  • Once you have written several blog posts, you can turn those posts into a newsletter with backlinks to your blog, boosting your page rank while keeping your visitors engaged.

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