The Secret to Making Facebook Work For Your Business

With over 750,000,000 users, Facebook is an ideal place to find new business… if you know how.

The reality is, while many people gather on Facebook, there isn’t a lot of business conducted in their network. What that means for your business, is the best path to success is to meet people on Facebook, and follow up with them off of Facebook.

If you don’t have one already, set up a company page on Facebook. Your page should have the following:

  • Set up a separate page for your company. DO NOT use your public profile as this is against Facebook Terms of Service and could get you shut down.
  • Make sure to use the appropriate category for your business.
  • Use a “Fan Gate” that automatically recognizes if a visitor already “Likes” your page.
  • Set up a Call to Action (such as a discount, or special report) to encourage people to like your company.

Attracting Fans to Your Page

Make your Facebook page the focus of your marketing. Use offline advertising, store signage, QR Codes, Direct Mail, etc. and ask people to “Like” your company. You’ll be shocked at how fast your following grows!

[info]But remember, your success will come from persuading your Facebook fans to follow you off of Facebook as well. This is very tricky, and difficult to do, unless you have a system such as ZapPowee Converter to automate the process.

Watch for other messages in this series to learn how to accomplish this.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to read message 2, “Going Mobile” read it now.

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