The Green Room

Welcome to the BuildBigBiz Green Room!

This the place where our Expert Panelists and Guests prepare to take their place “in the front of the room” on our upcoming Hangout. It would be good for you to watch these videos, download the app, and familiarize yourself with everything before our show. Return here on the day of the show for a “refresher”!

Please take a moment to review the important items below.  We’ll be with you in just a few moments.

  • For best performance, we recommend using the Chrome browser for all Hangouts.
  • Make sure your YouTube channel and Google Plus profile is connected.
  • You will need to log into your Google Plus account in order to fully participate.
  • Please download the G+voice-and-video-app software if you have not previously installed it.
  • Please check your Camera and Audio Settings.
  • We recommend using a headset. If you don’t have one, please make sure that your microphone and speakers do not interfere with each other.
  • Hardwired internet connections provide better quality than a Wi-Fi.
  • You will want to pay attention to your lighting and your background. It is best to face an open window to provide good natural light.  Backlighting will make you appear darker.
  • Make sure that your background projects the image you want (e.g., clean, professional, etc.)
  • Make sure you don’t have any background music or TV playing. It is not only distracting, but it could actually cause copyright issues.
  • Silence your phone ringers
  • Once you’re inside the hangout, if you have low bandwidth and Internet connectivity, you can change your connection speed using the settings button (looks like a gear).
  • Feel free to speak openly and candidly.  Please limit an “plugs” for your website and/or products to appropriate time and place (we don’t want our Hangouts to be “Pitchfests”. Be considerate of other Panelists and Guests.
  • Most importantly… Have a Blast!!!
  • If you want Custom Lower Third Templates (without Photoshop) watch this video.

Thanks for joining us!  We look forward to having you on the show.