The Conversion Secret

Would you like to know what you can start doing today to give you an edge, and make you stand out over other companies in the eyes of most buyers?

Follow Up. (Read on, there is a catch…)

According to the Sales and Marketing Club of Los Angeles, 81% of all purchasing decisions are made after the 5th contact by a sales person. Amazingly, over 87% of all sales people quit after only 3 calls. Simply increasing your follow up will often cause buyers to recognize your outstanding organization and communication skills and reward you with more business.

How to Maximize Your Follow Up Efficiency

The reality is that all salespeople think they are excellent at follow up. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to make sure that you are always at the right place at the right time… unless you leverage automation.

The easiest way to convert more prospects into customers is to capture their contact information and use automation to follow up consistently. Automation can help you spend your time more wisely by pre-filtering your prospects and alerting you to the customers that are ready to buy from you now.

No more leads falling through the cracks. No more missing the sale by a few days. You can gain top-of-mind presence with your prospects and be the trusted adviser they turn to when they are ready to buy.

[info] In Facebook, on the web, or on mobile devices, ZapPowee Converter captures leads wherever they are.  Converter also provides you with built in automation on the MakesBridge platform.

It comes ready for you with pre-loaded messages and workflows to help you get started. Additional ZapPowee modules and the Concierge Service help you expand your automation and gain more sales.

Put ZapPowee Converter to work and start finding new sales opportunities today![/info]