Your Certification Training Includes:

Module 1: Landing Your First Client
How to find your first client and parlay your success into a Back End Empire
Module 2: Who Are You?
How to stop a business owner dead in their tracks and get them to take you seriously
Module 3: Setting Expectations
How to Guarantee Results without getting yourself in trouble
Module 4: Q&A Session
Module 5: What to sell
What to offer clients now and in the future to ensure maximum cash flow and continuity.
Module 6: How to price Your Services
How to price Your Services: Not too much… Not too little… Just Right!
Module 7: Closing the Deal
Powerful Presentation Skills that get you Back End Business deals
Module 8:Q&A Session
Module 9: Agreement Template
Make collecting your fees a breeze and get paid first before anybody else
Module 10: Marketing System Assessment Tool
Develop a Back End Blueprint for each customer that prescribes the services they will hire you to perform.
Module 11: Tools of the Trade
Preferred Programs that simplify your life and amplify your results.
Module 12: Q&A Session
Module 13: Monthly Maintenance
Monthly services your clients want and need that keep you employed!
Module 14: Building Your Back End Empire
Becoming the highly sought after expert you deserve to be
Module 15: Achieving Expert Status
How to parlay your success into fame and fortune
Module 16: Exam & Certificate Award!