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Exclusive Coaching Program?

My coaching spots are very limited and in high demand. Enjoy this short “Success Story” and then tell me why you are the most qualified person for me to accept into my upcoming training.





You have motivated me to change around a few things I was planning to do.
— Frank Sousa

I just got a coaching/client backend deal $2500 setup; $1500 per month 🙂 ….. sold it off my “talking and knowledge” of the backend!!
— Terrell Ray

Awesome. I Want More. More. More!!!!
— Janice Douglas

Steve’s advice is very helpful for new comers; and a bit refreshing for those who know the lingo but haven’t had success.
— Joshua Campbell

I have become the trusted advisor (in only) 3 meetings and quoted a $7500 contract. He is talking like he has already hired me
–Jamie Houston

Good info and inspiring stuff.
— Simon Jones

More Meat!!
— Gerard Gilbers

Loving It
— Greg Vining

Steve’s training is outstanding. By the time you have customers raising their hand; they already know; like and trust you and you have shown that you are an expert in your field!
— Kevin Gallagher

A great way to start my day and get me focused and on track for success!
— Glen Andrade

No sales scripts; no persuasion; no arm twisting -and best of all; no chasing!
— Duncan

I knew it was going to be awesome; I didn’t know how awesome it would be! The first campaign Steve taught us to do brought in 8 5-Star Reviews; 5 new appointments and a $3k Sale… all within 24 hours!
— Mark Edmondson

I really appreciate Steve Rosenbaum’s real-world; practical tips
— B.j. Ocampo

You showed me one thing I should do better – and I found my RWA. He called me! Can’t wait to learn more!
— Iwona

Off the charts value! I’ve learned more about processes than I ever imagined possible. Thanks for the inspiration!
— Stephen Brown

Steve; You are bringing something to the table unlike anyone else out there. Your integrity shines through. Thanks again.
— Brian Pinski

We’re up 40% and having our best year ever because of Steve’s strategies
— Jeff Lipton

Steve is a creative and innovative marketer who delivers what he says he’ll deliver. He is determined and hungry for your business to succeed, and he’ll do what it takes to help deliver results for you…
–Guy Cohen, Author

Steve Rosenbaum is one of the rare visionaries I have met in business today that gets the modern world of communication. If you are seeking someone that knows viral marketing; and excels in sales force management and automation; Steve is your man!
— Rick Davis

Within the first 30 days I have generated nearly $15;000 in setup fees; and $3500 per month. Your Back End Strategies have truly transformed the direction and success of our company. Thanks; Steve
— Jason Smith

Steve is a knowledgeable marketing specialist; with a keen understanding of social media and Internet marketing strategies

Steve delivers content in an ispiring and practical format so that I can work on my development.
— Wai Hooi

Steve has an amazing ability to make selling seem easy with very practical tips and tools.
— Mark Hughes

Steve is very giving of his time and knowledge.
— David Scarborough

I love the fact that I’ve been presented with a process; something I can duplicate; not inactionable theories and ideas.
— John Mcdonald

Fresh and fun… Provide motivation and encouragement. Thanks for your commitment to raising all boats and not just your own!
— Jim Fitzgerald

I have closed not one; but 2 five figure deals (in my currency; but added as $18;000 for 2 deals) in one month. Your methods ROCK; Steve!
— Simon Choe

I have been impressed with Steve’s training. I always listen when he speaks! Thanks for sharing the insights; Steve.
— Reg Ervin

Concise; easy to follow and implement!
— Daniel Wright

Keeps evolving my business thinking and encourages to keep my mind moving forward.
— Steve Matson

Steve Rosenbaum is the real deal. I have known him nearly 20 years, and worked together in the corporate world. He is passionate about everything in his life both family and business. He is the real deal, no smoke or mirrors, just the plain simple truth about what he does!
— Steve Snyder


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