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I’m guessing that you probably do a little bit of networking… Maybe some Meetups,  BNI Meetings, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Right?

Well I’d say that about 99% of the people I meet feel that most of these meetings are a waste of time.

Not me.  I LOVE them.

In fact, in the past 2 weeks alone, I have made two new contacts from networking events that could each lead to ongoing business in the ten of thousands of dollars.

And it happens to me almost every time I network. (Yes, I’m at the same events that everybody else feels is a waste of time!)

What’s my secret?

Well, just yesterday, I shared my extreme networking secrets with my inner circle, in a presentation I called: Networking Meetings and Events: The secret to working a room (instead of the room working you)

Frankly, the presentation was amongst my best.  It went so well, that I decided to do something I’ve never done before… Make it available to non-members so that they could benefit, too.

In reality, I’m still on the fence about whether or not this is a good idea.  But the truth is, those of you that are missing out on my unique and proven training, need to hear what you’re missing.

This video will forever change the way you network, and position you as the expert in the room that everybody wants to meet.

But there’s one catch.

I’m making this available for today only.  When the timer hits zero, the deal is gone forever.

So if you’re a fast action taker that wants to improve your networking results, and you recognize that $47 is ridiculously cheap to learn skills that could potentially lead you to some extremely rewarding new relationships, then hurry up and grab your career changing video here.

Be Bold.
Take Massive Imperfect Action.

Steve Rosenbaum

P.S. You know how I love Fast Action Takers.  This is the ultimate test of your commitment to success.  You don’t want to miss out on this one.


“Networking: How to Work the Room
(Instead of the Room Working You)”

Here’s exactly what you’ll get from this exciting presentation:


    • Learn how to instantly recognize the best opportunities at any event (Believe me… they are there if you know what to look for!)
    • Instantly attract people that are fascinated by what you do and want to introduce you to long term profitable business relationships.
    • How to graciously relieve yourself of annoying attendees that want to monopolize your time and distract you from achieving your desired goals. (Without being offensive or rude).
    • Learn the secret of approaching and politely interrupting other guests that you want to meet, but are having other conversations.
    • 54 minute video of non-stop expert, humorous and engaging advice, tips and strategies, delivered as only Steve Rosenbaum can do!
    • Step-by-Step instructions of what you absolutely, positively MUST DO before each and every event to guarantee your success and finally turn even the sleepiest events into Money-Making Relationship Builders.

Get Networking Secrets Now
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