Marketing Automation Strategy Session and Action Plan

Marketing Plan TemplateYou wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? Or course not! It would be foolish to buy your windows, doors, wood and other “parts” before you even had a plan.

So don’t buy expensive “parts” of your marketing system, such as SEO, or a new website design, until you have a marketing plan in place.

Our proprietary ZapPowee Marketing Systems Assessment (ZMSA) is the place to start your plan. The ZMSA is a comprehensive marketing plan template and questionnaire that audits your current marketing activities and prescribes meaningful and workable marketing plan.

Once you complete your assessment, one of our Certified Back End Specialists will prepare a written report, 3 Month Step by Step Action Plan, plus schedule 3 monthly meetings to oversee your progress and guide you to successful implentation.

Your Marketing Automation Strategy Session and Action Plan Includes:

  1. ZapPowee Marketing System Assessment – $497 Value
  2. Initial Strategy Call – $500
  3. Written Review and Strategy Plan – $1500 Value
  4. 3 Monthly Calls – $1500 Value

Total Value $3997

You Pay Just $2500!

What to Expect From Us

Just fill out our ZapPowee Valued Client Form, and complete the payment process.  Once you have made payment you will be given a link to schedule your initial strategy call.