How Do Those Funny QR Codes Bring You More Customers?

Have you noticed those strange QR Codes popping up all over the place? These silly little images have a powerful grasp and built in curiosity factor that is seemingly hypnotizing consumers and putting them under the spell of marketers and business owners.

While large national retailers like Best Buy, Macy’s and Ralph Lauren pioneered QR Codes less than a year ago, business of all sizes are now embracing them and using them in fascinating ways to connect with their customers and getting them to take desired actions. For instance:

  • Bobalu Cigar Co. of Austin, TX, saw an 850% surge in his Facebook activity by posting a QR Code on his wall and tying it into his ZapPowee Converter.
  • Ethical Bean of Vancouver uses QR Codes to allow commuters to pre-order their coffee during busy rush hours.
  • Seattle Landscaper Adam Gorski more than doubled the response to his direct mail ad by incorporating a scan code that led to his mobile optimized website (remember, most people will be scanning your code with their smartphones, so you want to make sure your site is mobile optimized).

QR Codes not only make it easy for prospects to view your site, they are also a powerful tool that makes it easier for you to capture contact information that can be instantly loaded into your marketing system.

QR Code To Do List:

  • As always, you will need to figure out a strategy and implement it to take full advantage of this technology.
    • Where will the code direct them?
    • What incentive will you use to get your customer/prospect to scan the code?
  • Next, you will need to design Point of purchase materials to display your QR Code. Make it as easy as possible for your customer/prospect to scan the code and give them links to download QR scanners for their phone.

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