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Show Me Your Back End Episode 2 – Fix Your Ads!

Not getting the desired results from your expensive ads or marketing? This episode of “Show Me Your Back End” will reveals countless small business advertising tips to “Fix Your Ads!”

Show Me Your Back End is the weekly show for Business Owners to learn great marketing tips tactics and strategies.

Today’s panelists:

  • Charles Harper
  • Duane Harrel
  • Alex Iwasiwka
  • Jason Smith
  • Tim Evans
  • Jane Tabachnick
  • Steve Rosenbaum (Host)
  • Zane Miller (Executive Producer)

This week’s video episode covered small business advertising tips, image advertising, direct response advertising, increasing lifetime value of customers, ROI, marketing automation, back end marketing, Increasing Life Time Value of Customers, Repeat Sales, Referral Sales


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