Evergreen High Value Client Prospect Symposium Primer

You are getting this video because you registered for the Evergreen High Value Client Prospect Symposium that Jeff Smith and I will be holding tomorrow.

A little while ago, I held a session with my inner-inner circle (also called BEST) about Pareto’s Law, or what we all call the 80-20 rule.  The POWER of Pareto’s Law is unbelievable, expecially when you see it applied like I do in this video.  Watch this video now and think about it until the symposium.  I’ll be asking everybody for their thoughts.

Don’t forget to attend the Symposium.


btw: if you enjoy being around success-driven professionals that like to share best practices and help each other grow, you’ll find no group better than my BEST group.  This video gives you a taste at the type of intelligent discussions we have. It’s no wonder so many people have gotten such success from being part of this group.