Cool Marketing Tricks #17

The New Customer/Client Sequence

I wasn’t planning on showing this too, but Carol’s awesome testimonial about the last video pointed to it’s value for everybody!

“Simple: Steve Rosenbaum is one of the very best top mentors in this industry! He stands out above the rest with his knowledge, his expertise, his genuine help for us all to learn systems that work and to see us succeed and his ease of explanation so that you not only desire his next trainings but can’t wait to implement them and see results!”
–Carol Santella

So everybody can thank Carol for getting this Extra Freebie!

btw… if you haven’t checked out my mini-rant about why people sabotage their efforts to succeed, make sure to do so by clicking here

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Quick Note: Carol also told me that she is about to set up her funnel on GetResponse.  GR is a great “list based” system (which is also what Aweber is).  But list-based systems have a lot of limitations when it comes to marketing automation.  I will cover these in a future training session.

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