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Greetings Marketing Expert,

Steve Rosenbaum here. With the economy in the toilet, the fate of your consulting career may very well rest on you reading every word of this rather lengthy letter.

But before you get too far I want to be very up front about something and possibly save you a lot of wasted time…

Loopholes Are For Losers…

If you are looking for the newest “get-rich-quick on the internet” loophole, or the next “better-do-this- thing-fast-before-everyone-else-finds-out-and-saturates-the-market” kind of gimmick, then you are in the wrong place. If this describes you, you may as well click away from this page and go buy a bundle of lotto scratchers. Or surf the forum for other gimmicks that will keep you chasing that pot of gold.

HOWEVER, if you are interested in gaining access to strategies that have been *PROVEN* to work time and time again to get tons of high-paying clients—and build a REAL marketing/consulting career that continuously makes lots of money in ANY market and ANY economy, and empowers you to live the lifestyle you truly want and deserve—then you’re in the right place.

You’ll notice that I keep using the word “Proven.”

This is because in this letter you are going to learn how you can own a system that has been PROVEN to work time and time again to get an endless stream of clients without cold calling. I’ve teamed up with offline marketing guru Jim Armstrong to bring fellow Warriors these amazing tools.

Jim and his lovely and gracious wife, Heather, made a decision back in 1998 to have her stay at home so she could home school their two kids. So the pressure was really on Jim to make a lot of money consistently because Heather wouldn’t be bringing in a pay check. She has really stood by his side during his different business ventures, but he knew that good will might evaporate pretty quickly if he couldn’t pay the mortgage! (And Jim really likes his creature comforts… he’d be miserable sleeping in the dog house.)

But he had a MAJOR challenge. With each new business he began, he had to build his entire clientele from scratch. With a wife and two kids to support, this forced him to be obsessed with developing and implementing client-attraction strategies that met seven criteria:

1. They had to work FAST.
2. They must attract high-paying clients who treated him with respect (no pain-in-the-ass cheapskates).
3. The must reliably generate new clients, day-in-and-day-out, even in a down economy.
4. They had to position him as a Trusted Advisor, not just another guy selling stuff.
5. They must create total differentiation between him and his competitors.
6. They had to empower him to command premium prices regardless of what his competitors charged.
7. NO cold calling whatsoever, under any circumstances.

He became absolutely ruthless about discarding strategies that failed to meet these conditions. He simply could not waste time on textbook “theory” or gimmicks that didn’t put a lot of money in his pocket quickly and reliably. And he refused to use any technique that forced him to compromise on price and integrity (i.e. work for peanuts being some client’s bitch).

It was inside of this real-world crucible that Jim forged the strategies that overwhelmingly met his seven criteria.


Here are the three month’s most recent statements from just one of Jim’s businesses. This is residual income that gets direct-deposited into Jim’s account from clients that are so thrilled with his service that they pay him month-after-month-after-month. And he only works part time on this particular business.

But it didn’t always used to be this way for Jim…

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re jolted awake by the jangling alarm clock on Monday morning, then hit the snooze button over and over again because you dread what the day has in store: pounding the pavement or spending hours on the phone doing manual labor, cold-call grunt work.

When you get to work, you waste an hour checking emails, surfing the web, driving around, going to Starbucks, ANYTHING to delay the dozens of rejections from cold-hearted gate-keepers, rude treatment, and general lack of respect you’ll have to endure as you approach business after business with hat in hand.

Then when you do finally get in front of a decision maker, you get beat up on price until you cave in and agree to work (or sell your product) for peanuts because you can’t stand the thought of losing the sale and having nothing to show for all the torture you’ve endured.

Believe me, Jim and I know how you feel because we’ve both been there. We’ve felt the worries, the self-doubt, and the utter frustration. Your optimism for the future evaporates. You begin to wonder if it’s worth all the heartache. But I promise…there is hope. Read on…

Here are just a few of the gate-crashing, competition-crushing, client-attraction nuggets you’ll get:

    • Jim’s “idiot proof” 3-step system for landing new clients fast WITHOUT cold calling! (Video #2)
    • How to guarantee your marketing message gets past the gatekeeper, and is seen IMMEDIATELY by the decision maker! (Video #6)
    • How to (legally) print your own money any time you need it! (Video #3)
    • How to compel business owners to grab the phone and call you immediately! (Video #4)
    • How to take price out of the equation! Command premium prices regardless of what your competitor is “giving away” his services for!

What Will Happen To You
If You DON’T Take Action NOW?

One of three things will most likely happen if you delay:

1. The price will significantly increase, or become unavailable at any price. This is a very special offer that won’t last forever, especially at this ridiculously low price. (We’re practically giving it away.) You’re getting a system that normally would cost over $1,000 for a tiny fraction of that.
2. You could sign up six months from now. But even if the system is even still available (no guarantees on that) you will wind up paying significantly more. And that’s on top of the lost opportunity cost: tens-of-thousands of dollars you could have made if you’d acted sooner.
3. You could continue to struggle doing the same old things to attract clients, and go broke and/or go out of business.

Abraham Lincoln once said “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” You see there really is no success without taking action is there? If you keep doing things the way you always have you will get more of what you always got. Hey the economy right now is in pretty bad shape…and maybe your market area or industry is the same. And conventional thinking would say to cut back right now but you and I both know the exact opposite is what you MUST do to get new customers and profits coming to you.

My Final Thoughts

When Lee Iaccoca was asked what single quality he looked for in people he chose for top positions at Chrysler, he said without hesitation “the ability to make a decision.”

If you turn your back on this offer right now how are things going to change for the better? I would hate to see you become another casualty of this economy. I would hate to have you come back at a later date to find out that we have significantly raised the price, or pulled this system off the market. So decide right now to create the sales or consulting career you’ve always dreamed about, with the income to support the lifestyle YOU want. (Or, if you are already successful, do what all champions do – DECIDE to do better.) Get the EXTRA edge you deserve. This is a positive decision you will be very glad you made – I guarantee it

See you at the top!

Steve Rosenbaum

We may change the pricing on this system at any time, or pull it off the market completely to prevent saturation and preserve the integrity of the program for current users. Based on intense preliminary response, we expect sales to be at incredibly high levels.

There is ZERO RISK to try this program! You are protected by our One-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Click Here to get started now!


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