BONUS: Profit Maximizer Audit

Advanced Profit Maximizer Audit Tips and Tricks Replay

Profit Maximizer

The “Audit” is designed to do 7 important jobs for you:

  1. Gives you a valuable and compelling offer you can make to prospects you are targeting.
  2. Positions you as a knowledgeable, trusted advisor with your prospects.
  3. Instantly sets you apart from the legions of consultants and sales people who schlep through your prospect’s door every month.
  4. Eliminates price resistance so you can charge premium prices. (Get out of the low-price rat-race!)
  5. Has built-in upsell opportunities for instantly higher profits (These don’t FEEL like upsells to the client. They feel like professional recommendations from a trusted advisor.)
  6. Compels prospects to take your advice (i.e. retain you and buy the services you recommend). When a doctor hands a prescription to a patient, they almost always take the doctor’s advice; they rarely argue or dicker on price. The Profit Maximizer creates this same dynamic between you and your “patients.”
  7. Increase your closed sale batting average—close EXTRA sales every month.