27 Strategies To Create A Zero Resistance Selling Environment

Environment: The aggregate of surrounding things, conditions or influences.

In this video, Jim reveals his system for creating an environment of low price resistance. Most business owners are looking for a magical “Silver Bullet” solution to competing on cheap price. Unfortunately, a “cheap price” silver bullet does not exist. Instead, Jim focuses on a series of strategies that will give you the power to command premium prices; strategies that that create an environment conducive to getting YOUR price, regardless of what your cheapskate competition is charging.

You will also learn how you can take offer “Cheapskate Proofing” as an upsell to your clients. After all, most business owners would like to be charging more; they just don’t know how. Now you can be the one to show them, and make big additional profits doing so.

Below are the 5 videos that make up this module:

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Part Five

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