Silver Level Content

27 Strategies To Create A Zero Resistance Selling Environment
(5 Part Video Series)

Environment: The aggregate of surrounding things, conditions or influences. In this video, Jim reveals his system for creating an environment of low price resistance. Most business owners are looking for a magical “Silver Bullet” solution to competing on >>more

Sticky-Brain Letter

In this module you’ll get one of Jim’s powerful “magnets” for attracting high-paying clients! When your prospect opens this letter, it will instantly set you apart from every other consultant, web developer and SEO expert in your market! Positions you as a >>more

BONUS: Profit Maximizer Audit

Here is the Profit Maximizer Audit form as a PDF Document. The “Audit” is designed to do 7 important jobs for you: Gives you a valuable and compelling offer you can make to prospects you are targeting. Positions you as a knowledgeable, trusted advisor with >>more

BONUS: Building Credibility in Your Local Market

This was a great webinar I did with Charles Harper that outlines how I have gained notoriety both in my Local Market as well as Internationally! I outline many of the steps you can take to achieve similar Fame and Fortune (LOL)! BTW, if you don’t have >>more