3D Mail Results

Owner: Travis Lee
Phone: 253-859-7351

Log onto their website to get their free report and CD ROM, “The Definitive Guide to Using 3D Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns”. This is one of the most kick-butt, and downright useful reports that I have ever seen. A true crash course in “Armstrong/Rosenbaum Style” direct marketing, AND in using 3D mailers.

Automatic Response Technologies(ART)

Owner: Joe Troyer
Phone: 888-408-4222
Inner Circle Promo Code: 5820

Free recorded messages, voice broadcast and more. ART features a unique technology that all sizes of businesses are using to get lots of new customers, and then develop a strong relationship with those customers so they give them lots of repeat and referral business.

Copy Doodles

Owner: Mike Capuzzi
Phone: 800-690-0842

In many of the newsletters and inserts and other pieces you’ll see what look like hand-written doodles. Copydoodles will make any marketing piece more personal and effective in just seconds, without changing a word of copy. Copy cosmetics are critically important for both offline and online marketers in order to achieve maximum response.

These often over-looked graphic devices improve readability, draw the reader in and create a more personalized, 1:1 feel.

Fancy Fortune Cookies

Owner: Mike Fry
Phone: 888-776-6611

Creators of personalized fortune cookies, giant fortune cookies, custom fortune cookies. Powerful tool for gaining joint venture partners, using in tradeshows, contests, thank yous, and creating total differentiation from the competition.

New Call Solutions

Owner: Ryan Pitz
Phone: 866-231-9355

Measurement is the key to performance improvement!

Software company offering practical, web-based Phone Analytics to measure and record inbound and outbound phone calls. To get a FREE special report and audio cd, “The New ‘Google Analytics’ of the Phone World – How To Uncover Hidden ROI In Your Inbound and Outbound Phone Calls,” go to:

Selby Marketing

Owner: Rick Selby
Phone: 585-377-0750

Jim Armstrong has used Selby Marketing for years for fulfillment services: manuals, audio CD’s, free reports, etc. Selby can handle any size project, large or small. They are also ideal for handling drip campaigns, delivering welcome packages, marketing pieces for opt-ins, or any other campaign where you are only dripping out one piece at a time.

  • Fulfillment
  • Standard print & mail projects (Sunny Living, Profit Jet)
  • CD and DVD duplication
  • Book printing
  • Manuals
  • Free reports
  • One-off mailers for opt-ins. Let’s say you have a website where prospects opt in for a free report. Selby Marketing can send these reports out one at a time as opt-ins dribble in. Selby provides a GREAT way to automate marketing sequences that have direct mail steps.

Team Double Click

President: Gayle Buske
Phone: 888-827-9129

TDC provides virtual assistant services. Jim and Steve use virtual assistants from TDC continuously. They are great! You can be assigned a VA to handle just about any administrative task such as receptionist, answering phones, managing calendars, follow up calls, creating spreadsheets, managing email, etc.

Think Ink Marketing

Owner: Eric Garcia
Phone: 714-841-2041
Site: Think Ink

Think Ink is our “secret weapon” that insures that 87%-99.2% of our direct mail letters get opened. Tons of creative, outside the box direct mail strategies. Consultant Profits members use Think Ink as their “hassle-free” mail house for any direct mail campaign, including newsletters, target farming, etc. All you have to do is email them the completed piece along with your list, and they handle the rest. They can also handle the design of the piece for you.

  • Standard print & mail projects (Sunny Living, Profit Jet)
  • “Stealth Mailer” strategies such as…
  • Hand-addressed envelopes
  • Tear sheets (mailers made to look like articles torn from a newspaper or magazine)
  • Bulk-rate postage that looks like a first-class stamp with a cancellation (big cost savings)
  • Other “sneak up” approaches.
  • Eliminates wasted mailers. Standard direct mail advertising has up to 60% waste. (Pieces thrown away unopened.) Think Ink’s “stealth” approaches get an 89%-99.2% open rate. These results have been verified through extensive testing.