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Congratulations, .

BEST Members raked in the bucks in 2012! Many of them have taken the time to write me and let me know just how important our programs, and my mentorship have been to their success. (You can see a sampling of their comments in the right sidebar).

Despite all these successes, I want to make sure that 2013 is even better for every single member. That’s why I asked:

“If you could have anything to make you business easier and more successful in 2013, what would it be?”

There were several recurring themes:

“I Need to Do a Better Job Marketing My Own Business”

This is the first thing that will make a HUGE difference for you. I have my own “Marketing Powerhouse” back-end that feeds me regularly feeds me new clients. Not only am I going to open up the curtain and show you exactly how I do it… but I am going to BUILD you your very own Done-For-You system and give it to you (you might have to pay a nominal installation charge for me to be in compliance with my developer licenses on some of the powerful software that I will include).

“I Need a Community to Support Me”

Many say that the ZapPowee and BEST communities have been key to their success. We have outstanding members all around the world the generously share best practices, including winning presentations so that others can succeed in faster. In the very near future, we will take the community up a notch with the launch of our brand new “Z-Net”. As a member, you will enjoy free membership to the Z-Net Community.

” I Need Products to Sell and Outsourcing”

In 2012, we launched the Done-For-You SalesCPR Automated. We currently have several turnkey, done-for-you “Marketing Powerhouses” for several niches. All will include “outsourcing” options so that you can take your mind off the technical aspects, and just worry about the taking care of your customer.

“I Need More Guidance, Accountability and Help with Focus and Motivation”

Throughout my 25+ year career as a corporate sales and marketing executive, this is where I helped other the most. You will find multiple options available to you to suit your needs.

Introducing TEAM ZapPowee!

Implement BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER and with fewer mistakes:

  • Select Group Mentoring by Steve
  • Focus & Motivation Strategy Sessions
  • Exclusive Z-Net Network & Content
  • Rainmaker Advanced Training and Coaching
  • TEAM ZapPowee Exclusive Content
  • Much, Much, More…

Members are thanking me and telling me that this couldn’t have come at a better time. Here’s why:

Businesses Need You Now More Than Ever

2013 is shaping up to be a crucial year. Many of us, and our clients, are heading into it with a great deal of uncertainty due to continued poor economic and business conditions. Properly trained experts, armed with a well-rounded arsenal of

foundational strategy and cutting edge tools,
will be in EVEN HIGHER demand from business owners that WANT and NEED their help.

And that is exactly what the ZapPowee BEST program has always been about.

Within the first 30 days I have generated nearly $15,000 in setup fees, and $3500 per month.
Your Back End Strategies have truly transformed the direction and success of our company.
Thanks, Steve
— Jason Smith, Engagement Online Marketing, LLC

According to MarketingExperts.com, American Express Small Business, Inc., Magazine and many, many more institutions that constantly have their fingers on the pulse of business owners, the best opportunities for businesses to succeed in times like these are by improving their:

  • Big Data and Business Intelligence
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Targeting and Segmenting
  • Triggered Response Marketing

You recognize all these, right? They are exactly the skills that I have honed for over 25 years, and train Back End Specialists to perform for their clients…

Often with quick success that leads to BEST members being offered even more services from grateful clients (what I call the “Trojan Horse” method).

Foundational Strategies Meet Cutting Edge Technology

Things like, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Funnel Optimization, Targeting and Segmenting, Triggered Response Marketing are just the tip of the iceberg! Your clients also want to know how to harness the latest and greatest technologies such as mobile, video, Syndication to improve their entire funnel process.

Back End Specialists Create Order Out of Chaos

Your clients WANT and NEED it all… But they are very confused…

Like a Lighthouse in a storm, once a client spots you, they will follow you to Safe Harbor. And I will teach you exactly what to say and do, just I have have done for thousands of others that have used my systems to achieve the highest levels of personal and business success.

Most techinques in marketing are tried and true with nothing new but Steve has managed to take it to a whole new level!
— Ben Kendall

TEAM ZapPowee is all about helping you, make more money, by helping your clients do better. TEAMZapPowee, puts an extra emphasis on SPEED so that you get there faster!

IMPORTANT! The Fiscal Cliff Sale allows you to substantially improve your benefits for a minimal investment. Upon accepting this offer, your current BEST subscription rate will be replaced with this huge TEAM ZapPowee special… Now THAT’S a great ROI!!!

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Thank you, again, . I am so proud to have you as a member of our community.

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