Back End Specialist Training Certification Test

Section 1

The BEST prospecting plan for landing your first client can be summarized as:
A client is most likely to hire you when they are:
What is the first "Immuteable Law" of Marketing
Ending a sentence with, “is that fair?” is an example of a:
What is the downfall of many client relationships?
A strategist is somebody who:
What is the BEST thing to promise your clients?
___________ are the things needed to make everything run.
Typically, people that are not "Ready, Willing, and Able" to buy fall in this range:
___________ keeps you employed!
Which of these is NOT a benefit of good questioning skills?
The BEST services you should offer are Infrastructure, __________, Content, and Maintenance.
Your ________ is your most valuable asset.
Price is a result of ________.
Prospects that are most likely to buy must be:
Get ___________ before you try to close.
When it comes to negotiation, __________ is your friend.
Never quote a price ________.
Make sure before you begin a meeting ___________.
Which of these is NOT a goal of the ZapPowee Marketing System Assessment Tool?
Ask questions to ___________ your prospect.
An example of poor salesmanship is known as ___________.
Which one of these is not part of Monthly Maintenance?
Always reschedule a meeting when any decision maker is a no-show, even if the boss is present.
"Did you see good value?" is a good question to ask at the Monthly Maintenance meeting.

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