Be my guest at this Live Event Wednesday

As you know, I talk a great deal about the importance of developing a “Marketing Powerhouse” for your company so that the promotional work you do leaves a virtual trail of breadcrumbs right back to your business (and then use your “Back End Funnel” to convert those leads into paying customers)!

Well there’s a, event coming to Austin this week called, “Be a Business Maverick . . . Essential Knowledge to Succeed with Online Marketing”,  that’s going to help you create just that!

My company, ZapPowee, will be a featured sponsor of the event, and I’ve arranged to get a limited number of Free Passes (normally $197).

(Discount Code “Now” for Free Pass)

The event is this Wednesday, January 16th
at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin

Daytime Session starts at 11:30 am and the Evening Session at 4:30 pm
with a Networking Expo in late afternoon.

I am impressed with the agenda as I feel it will maximize your business and online-marketing success with proven tools, strategies and hands-on Internet secrets from experts in the field.

In addition to hearing from some of today’s top Internet-Marketing stars from as far as England, you’ll get huge benefits through working sessions on

  • peer-to-peer networking
  • lead generation
  • blogging
  • search engine optimization
  • outsourcing
  • and much more

Plus, you’ll take home invaluable customized Business Reports and relationships literally worth thousands of dollars.

Bring your laptop and business cards and come for a full or half-day.

It is FREE for you and your guests with discount code ‘Now’

(Discount Code “Now” for Free Pass)

See you there!



P.S. I plan on attending the evening session, so if you are there, please make sure to find me and say “Hi”!


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