Advanced Facebook Strategies for Back End Specialists

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Limited Outsource Offer (10 Only): Get The Site You See Installed On Your FB Page – Just $197 (Click Here)

Thank you for attending my Free Advanced Strategy sessions today, showcasing some very cool Back End Specialist techniques you can set up for your clients on Facebook.

A true Back End Specialist knows that Facebook and all social media sites are great for lead generation. Your biggest opportunities to get paid over and over again for helping your clients is by grabbing the leads they meet on Facebook and converting them into a “Back End” follow up system.

This is exactly what I teach my Certified Back End Specialists.

Getting Leads

  • Sweepstakes
  • Facebook Ads
  • Sponsor Deals

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Sweepstakes Prize
  • Deal of the Day
  • Bold Directory Listing
  • Other Contests
  • Email Blast
  • SMS Blast
  • Newsletter Sponsorship


Offline Gravity Method (OGM) – Dr.Ben’s awesome course that teaches you how to build High Traffic Facebook pages.

wp4fb – Killer tools that improve the “Engagement” and “Viralness” of the OGM pages you put up.

Hybrid Connect – My favorite ways to stealthily capture and convert Facebook traffic into a Big Mailing List (This is something you MUST offer your clients… Tell them about “Jonathan”).

Ultimate FB WP Plugin Bundle – 4 great wp plugins that you will want to use to create sponsorship opportunities. Only $27 for developer rights to all for is a STEAL. WP Tube Pro alone will make this back and more for you a bunch of times over!

Tablet Video Training – Mike Stewart’s KILLER course that will teach you how to get into the HOT video creating market.

Certified Back End Specialist Training – My Premier “BEST” program that has taught hundreds of people around the world unique strategies that quickly earn them HIGH PAYING clients that last a long, long, long time. (SPECIAL: Enrollment fee waived and monthly dues is reduced for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY).