About Steve Rosenbaum

Steve Rosenbaum ZapPowee Marketing Automation Specialist“The Original” Back End Specialist

Steve Rosenbaum inspires, advises and mentors tens of thousands businesses and marketing consultants worldwide how to help local businesses get more sales and improve their bottom line. Steve’s passions and reasons for creating ZapPowee are:

  1. To help small businesses succeed.
  2. To train intelligent, hard-working individuals new career skills that benefit those small businesses that need help.

It’s a true “Win-Win”  strategy that addresses two of the biggest problems facing our economy today.

A true innovator and regarded as “The Original” Back End Specialist, Steve founded ZapPowee and created the first Back End Specialist Certification program with the core mission of teaching others his skills so that they could help local businesses in their area survive and thrive.

“One of my biggest frustrations was seeing businesses have to shell out tons of money to consultants because it’s just too complicated to do themselves.”

Steve’s style is often called, “Passionate”, “Humorous”, “Exciting” and “Real-Life”, and his BEST Certification program is praised by many worldwide as the catalyst that has turned around the lives of people wanting and needing to start their own business.

Steve is the Author of Back End Blueprint, Big Bad Home Sale, and soon to be released Atomic Marketing Powerhouse.  He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, interviewed by CBS News 20/20, has hosted radio programs on ESPN Austin, and has been quoted and interviewed extensively across the web. Steve is also a popular speaker that can inspire, motivate and rally your group to “take immediate and effective action!”