Total new sales have generated nearly $15,000 in setup fees, and $3500 per month. I want to personally thank you for your training and ongoing support, and want you to know that you have truly transformed the direction and success of our company.

Solutions For Your Business

  • Recover Lost Sales

    Chances are we can help you identify past customers that are ready to buy from you again. See how we can get you more sales in 3 Days or less.

  • Capture More Leads

    Stop ignoring your list and turn it into your most profitable marketing asset. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out and we can fix that too! Learn How.

  • Convert More Prospects

    If you’re like most companies, you currently have leads that are Ready, Willing and Able to buy from you right now. Find, Filter and Convert those leads now into paying customers and Champions of your business that want to refer their friends and family to you.

  • Word of Mouth

    Get your customers spreading more positive reviews about your company online and to their friends and family.

  • Improve Lifetime Value

    Our turnkey automated sequences can help you sell more to existing customers and increase both order size and frequency.

  • Relationship Building

    Most customers leave businesses because they don’t feel important… or they simply forget about you. Let ZapPowee’s Relationship Building tools put an end to these lost sales once and for all.

  • Back End Marketing

    What happens after somebody first finds you is the most important factor in whether or not they become ap paying customer. Find, Filter and Convert the leads you make into valuable and profitable customers using our turnkey continuity systems.

  • Total Web Presence

    Your “website” doesn’t cut it. Today’s online consumers demand access EVERYWHERE. It’s what ZapPowee calls a “Total Web Presence”. Chances are your competition doesn’t have a “TWP”… buy you can! Ask us how today!

  • Mobile Marketing

    The Mobile Web is exploding and produces an average 75% higher rate of engagement that lead to more sales for you. Stop sending mobile business to your competition. ZapPowee has Fast/Affordable/Effective Mobile Solutions for you.

  • Social Media

    Can Social Media bring you more sales? YES!!! (Caution: Social Media can also be a tremendous waste of time and resources and even valuable goodwill if you do it wrong). ZapPowee does Social Media RIGHT.

  • Strategy Development and Implementation

    Studies show that 68% of businesses lose sales because they lack coordinated follow up and are not present at the critical decision making time.

  • Never Miss Another Sale

    Our turnkey automated systems work for you 24/7/365 so that you are at the right place at the right time with the right message to prevent good leads from falling through the cracks and to capture more sales.

Success Stories